Handmade pots for the office

Made these pots for the study.  I love the glaze and Japanese tissue paper.

    handmade pots (slab)

    handmade pot with Japanese Tissue Paper

    These were made by following the steps below.

    1. roll slab of clay
    2. cut out rectangle shape
    3. wrap clay around a cylinder (that has newpaper wrapped around it)
    4. join clay > add to base
    5. take cylinder out and then take out the newspaper
    6. put coil on the inside at the bottom to reinforce the base > ensure joins are solid and smooth
    7. shape the pot into desired shape > let dry
    8. 1st firing
    9. apply 3 coats of glaze (Mayco, S-2200 Marshmallow White)
    10. cut out pieces of Japanese Tissue Paper > moisten the pot on where you want to put the tissue paper
    11. apply tissue paper face down on the pot and smooth with a damp cloth
    12. carefully pull back the ‘backing’ of the tissue paper (they are like kids tattoo’s)
    13. 2nd firing

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