Handmade red jug made from slab of clay

I had so much fun making this bright red jug!

Process included: roll slab of clay > trim edges > wrap slab of clay into a cylinder shape > add to base > work with jug until you get the desired shape > add a handle using slip etc > let dry > 1st firing > add glaze > 2nd firing.

My inspiration for using a vibrant red comes from two of my favourite blogs… Daisy Cottage and Happy Loves Rosie.

Handmade red jug from slab of clay


2 thoughts on “Handmade red jug made from slab of clay

  1. Hi Row
    I am so glad you left a comment on my blog so I could come and visit you. I love the red jug you made and how it contrasts on the shelf beside the bone china cups. Your mother and sister’s paintings are beautiful too. What a talented family you are.
    When I wrote that post I thought of that exact verse, His mercies are new every morning and I am thankful for those mercies every day.
    Hugs, Rhondi

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