pencil drawing by my husband

Here is a drawing done in pencil by my husband Brian.  This is just one of many aeroplane related drawings he has done.

Brian is such a funny guy. He is hoping to find one day an aeroplane cockpit that he can put into our back yard so that he can tinker away with all of the instruments, buttons and thingemebobs…and probably to daydream about flying, I suppose.  What a strange guy!  Not sure if this will go well with my cottage style home.

I managed to find for him last year a book by John Travolta called “In The Cockpit’.  The book is full of cockpit pictures, so he has this book out on display sitting on my piano for easy reference.  He has so many drawings of planes (and cars).  For his HSC when he was 18, he did detailed drawings of fighter pilots headgear with the oxygen masks etc…pretty strange guy, but thats how I like him….

pencil drawing by my husband


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