Art by Louise…my big sis

More paintings by one of my talented sisters…Louise.  I love how the girls in my family all have their unique ways, using different mediums and methods to express themselves!  I am the rustic/rough one who loves to play with clay and build 3 dimensional creations, while Louise is the ‘dainty’ one who should of been born in the Victorian era (she has even collected the whole series of the Victoria magazine over the last 20 years…have you seen the movie ‘Bright Star’…well that is Louise all over…even the hats! She is super cool at calligraphy and water colours), Simone is great at drawing and photography and Mum who is amazing in oils.  Hey, my brother is super talented as well, but in music.  Come to think of it my dad is creative as well but in writing.  He’s now 72 years old, finishing off his PHd and writing a book.  So there is inspriation all round in my family.

Painting by mum many years ago…


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