cracked coil pot – ouch

I was so excited when I finished this, but just as it was drying a few days later I picked it up and it cracked and split into two pieces.  So I made some thick slip and tried to join the two pieces together again.  I don’t this it is going to work but its worth a try.  Waiting for it dry before I try picking it up to get fired.

coil pot drying out


12 thoughts on “cracked coil pot – ouch

  1. if the piece has already started drying use vinegar, or slip made with vinegar instead of just slip to stick the pieces back together.

  2. Tried something similar, it also fell apart… I’d like to know how to make the coils stick together in the drying process…
    link to the piece “in the making”.

    • I learnt the best way to get the coiils to stick together is to place your mould upside down and lay your coils on and smooth over (so this is the backside of the pot that you are smooting). then once its dried a bit turn the pot over. I also make my coils now quite thick to allow for sufficient joining on the back. Since I have changed to this approach I haven’t ahd any break.

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